Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Angelina Jolie and Why I Am The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

I'm the most beautiful girl in the universe, and I'll tell you why this is:  because I do not need any other female to agree with me.  I know where the center of the universe is.  It's me.  And in fact, I want every other female to feel this exact same way *about herself*.  I am the most exquisite girl because my features... are mine.  

If you're female - whatever that term means to you - you need, I cannot advocate this enough, you need to stop worshipping other females and worship yourself.  It's your only job.  Its the only fucking job you were given to do.  

I'm the most beautiful girl in the whole dang universe because I'm Jessie.  Because there's no other Jessie and there never will be.  You couldn't be if you tried.  And I couldn't be any of you if I tried, and in fact, trying is what causes it - beauty - to leave.  

The man that I'm with is going to think and feel this with every fiber of his being, and he's going to know it this as Fundamental Truth, or he's not going to be with me.  He can say it as often as he actually feels it and it hits him.  Some men look at other women, and some men talk about wanting other women, and some women may find this acceptable, but in my kingdom, this is grounds for death. (XD)  There is one king and her name is Me. : ) If you are a female and you are looking for this truth, may you find it *NOW*. 

You do not see rightly if you are female and do not worship at the altar of yourself.  
And if you do not see rightly, you will always be chasing what is actually right in your own heart and coming out of your own face:  your soul.  

Are you in your body yet?  Get there.  Be where you already reside.

That's it, if you have any questions on how to do this,  you know where to find me.